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Commercialization of high technologies refers to a process that transforms radical and disruptive innovations into consumable products, services and solution packages. This process generates returns on research and development investments, employs highly educated people, empowers semi-skilled persons and makes business enterprises prosperous and sustainable. Hence, this study investigated the commercialization process purposely to provide in-depth […]

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Innovation is a core competency for almost all companies and organizations. Innovation is a set of processes and activities, which starts from idea generation and is followed by research and development and finally the successful commercialization of a product or idea. Thus, managing innovation processes is a very challenging and complex task for organizations. Therefore, […]

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As world is experiencing climate change now, each nation is taking up concrete steps to tackle it. The use of renewable energies and efficiency of energy consumption are among the steps. Therefore, this research concentrates on the renewable energies. The main aim of the study is to provide market and supply chain information on the […]

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