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Commercialization of high technologies refers to a process that transforms radical and disruptive innovations into consumable products, services and solution packages. This process generates returns on research and development investments, employs highly educated people, empowers semi-skilled persons and makes business enterprises prosperous and sustainable. Hence, this study investigated the commercialization process purposely to provide in-depth […]

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03 Sep 2019

The sociocultural conception of man sees a person as the product of his or her environment. Whereas the biological conception of man stresses genetic heritance and the cognitive conception of man prioritises internal cognitive functions and information processing, the sociocultural conception of man focusses on the environmental and cultural factors. From their very birth, human […]

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This article examines how digitalization influences the commercialization of high technologies in the life sciences industry. It is based on a cross-case study focused on pharmaceutical, medical device, and e-health companies in Finland. Both company representatives and regional stakeholders were interviewed. The findings suggest that “digitalization” needs to be distinguished from “digitization” because both terms […]

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Information and communication technology (ICT) has fundamentally transformed business transactions. While its uses have become ubiquitous in the advanced economies, emerging and developing economies are still struggling with the mode and manner of the deployment of ICT for business. Thus, this study seeks to investigate how small‐ and medium‐sized enterprises (SMEs) utilize ICT in Nigeria […]

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